Organic Deluxe Bio Facials

Indulge your senses and skin to an organic skin care line containing organic active ingredients extracted from wild Plants & Sea Marine Extracts.

Lymphatic drainage massage & acupressure points are performance in all our facials, your skin will be GLOWING!!



Deluxe & Rejuvenation Organic Facial €65 (60min)

Ideal for dry skin or ageing skin,Exquisite formula of selective and delicate beauty oils such a linseed oil, rose-hip oil, wheatgerm oil, hazelnut and green olive. Beauty oils with higher amount of fatty acids and vitamins which give a firming and anti-wrinkle effect, restores elasticity and diminishes the appearance of age-related pigmentation, redness and large pores.

Ozone facial Steamer is used in this treatment


Re-balancing Restorative Organic Facial €55 (50min)

Combination Skin. It has wonderful nourishing, moisturising, regenerating and anti-oxidant properties. Contains rosehip & sedum extract, rebalancing effect thanks to its essesntial oils of lavender, lemon & ylan-ylang. Your skin is balanced, revitalised & natural glowing complexion.

Ozone facial Steamer is used in this treatment


Organic Facial for Sensitive Skin €55 (50min)

This luxurious facial is rich in Vitamin E. Moisturises, protects and invigorates sensitive skin. This facial is suitable for specific skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema...

Ozone facial Steamer is used in this treatment

Express Organic Divine Facial €45 (40min)

This effective facial treatment is totally personalised to your skin needs, it will energise and strengthen a tired complexion, leaving your skin refreshed, more vibrant & glowing.

Maximum results in minimum time!


Sparkling Eyes Organic Treatment €45 (40min)

A luxurious, organic, intensive treatment for bright eyes. A series of exfoliation, lymphatic drainage, nourishing serums effectively diminish dark circles, eliminate puffiness & reduce fine lines.

The inner beauty of a person is shown through the eyes


Discover a new Rejuvenated Radiant Skin!





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