Mediterranean Essence in your Skin 

All our products are 100% certified bio Organic


MATARRANIA is an exclusive and luxurious range of cosmetics made in Spain, from 100% Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which protects and cares for your skin.
All the cosmetics are uniquely water free meaning its powerful ingredients are not diluted resulting in a more sumptuous, rich and slow absorption into the skin

Made using the traditional method of  cold pressing which results in the full preservation of the olive oil’s properties. Large amounts of vitamin E, essential fatty acids and polyphenols make this olive oil a powerful antioxidant (impeding free radicals that cause skin ageing)

In addition, the oil is an excellent moisturiser, protector and tonic for your skin; only using Mediterranean herbs and ancient formulae

No preservatives, perfumes or parabens. Not tested on animals


Step 1 Deep Cleanse Skin

Organic Rose & Thyme Cleanser €22

A cleanser and toner which also removes eyemake-up. Soothes and tones for a gentle effective deep cleanse. Contains wild Thyme extract and Lavender

Organic Exfoliating Scrub with olive stones €35

Containing Mint and Eucalyptus essential oils to stimulate cellular regeneration. Exfoliates and renews skin, leaving it soft and nourished


Step 2 Tone, Repair & Refresh 

Organic Rose Face Toner €18

A must have.Healing & Anti-Wrinkles properties. Widely used in aromatherapy, Bulgarian Rose Damascena Oil is very calming and relaxing. Extra gentle facial toner suitable for all skin types. Smells of fresh roses!

Step 3 Moisturise, Nourish & Regenerate

Organic Face Moisturiser for Combination Skin €25

Deeply nourishes and protects your skin. Contains rosehip and sedum extract. Rebalancing effect thanks to its essential oils of lavender, lemon and ylang-ylang

Organic Face Moisturiser for Dry\Damaged Skin €25

Immediately protects and heals your skin, providing a long-lasting effect. Contains wild rose extract and essential oil of palmarosa.

Organic Face Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin €20

Perfume free, soothes, softens, protects & regenerates. Suitable for most delicate, sensitive skins

Organic Firming face serum for mature skin €35

Exquisite formula of selective and delicate beauty oils such a linseed oil, rosehip oil, wheatgerm oil, hazelnut and green olive. Beauty oils with higher amount of fatty acids and vitamins which give a firming and anti-wrinkle effect.

Organic Eye Contour €20

Deeply nourishes and protects the most sensitive skins. Contains plant extracts of calendula and wild camomileA luxurious, organic, intensive eye cream for bright eyes


Specific Products for Body, Face & Hair

Organic Firming Anti-cellulite Oil €27.50

With Arabica coffee extract and Grapefruit essential oil, helps to eliminate toxins, reduces cellulite and orange peel appearance. Tones and tightens the skin

Organic Neckline Firming Moisturiser €25

Anti-aging  nourishing cream that gives elasticity and firmness to your neck and décolleté, thanks to its wild Sage from Aragon, Geranium and Lemongrass essential oil

Organic anti frizz hair serum €18

This organic anti frizz hair serum prevents frizzy hair and nourishes dry/damaged hair and split ends. Thanks to the Rosemary extract and its essential oil, it strengthens and stimulates hair growth. The Coconut oil keeps your hair soft and smooth. Get a nice, healthy and shiny hair!